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Recovery Ministry

The Recovery Ministry of Progressive Baptist Church would like to invite those who have issues weighing them down to come and join us in discovering how Biblical principals will assist you in overcoming your personal issues. All you need is a desire to change. Come and join us every Tuesday at 6:00p.m.



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The Church God Expects and Respects 

Let me uncover the Big Picture of the church that God has shown me. I am flattered and grateful God entrusted me with this “vision”. It is such a powerful and spiritual view of what He wants for His Church. 

I see a body of Christians ready and fit to run to battle whenever and wherever they are called whether it is convenient or inconvenient. These believers volunteer for the fight knowing full well the Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force. 

The church refuses to be distracted by minor nuisances and opposition from hesitant saints. They have developed a focus and are committed to kingdom work. They sense the time for battle is near and they run eagerly at the Master’s command. 

The members of this church heard the voice of Jesus long ago. They heard the sound of God rising up a church “nation” that will obey and they quickly heed His call. I see community leaders and politicians; great men and women coming to this glorious church because of her glory and power this is the church of now and not what was. 

I hear musicians playing songs of Zion just as David did. Music that is soothing to the weary soul. They are searching for the sound. They are searching for the sound that will once again bring the people back as one. 

I see this church loosing the grip of yesterday’s tradition and embracing the importance of a brighter today and a promising tomorrow. This is a church controlled by the HOLY SPIRIT and not by constitutions. 

This is the picture I see of the church that God wants; that God “Expects” and “Respects”. Please let us join together in accomplishing God’s purpose for His church. Jus said: Upon this Rock I will build My Church! 

God Bless You,

Pastor Stanley Moore

To my Church Family,

I humbly come before God seeking His Guidance for me as the pastor’s wife and I pray grace upon our church family. I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to express gratitude for the love, kind hearts and support that you all have given Pastor Moore and myself. We will be forever grateful. My return to the Quad Cities has brought many challenges and opportunities. But I have learned that no matter what life brings, you bravely see it through, with God’s strength and mercy. 

I would like to encourage the women and the young ladies (they are the women of tomorrow). The bible is full of wonderful, strong, and faithful women. You are a modern woman, you are free to be whatever you choose. Do not allow the world to define what your womanhood should be. Know God’s purpose for you life. Express and enjoy the opportunities He has set before you. Maintain and attitude of thankfulness for all events in your life. 

Joys, failures and successes are to be shared by all of our church family. We will surround each other and new members with the love of Christ. Our continued growth will be solidified by our continued walk in faith. Being firmly rooted in the love Jesus Christ our Lord. 

We are a single strand of fabric, but through faith and much work, we become strong. 

We have come this far by faith. 

Yours in Christ, 

Sis. Connie Moore

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